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Our Constitution protects 'the people' from the government.
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will next destroy all of our Constitution.

Fast Walking 4@MPH

    I have been walking for exercise since I was in my early 30's.  For years my job required me to walk up to two miles a day.  Some co-workers would drive but I always walked. 

    Later, when I retired and changed careers, I did engineering work in front of a computer all day.  I found a way to get walking in at lunch.  I would drink a SlimFast then walk for thirty minutes.  This routine went on until I retired again. 

    I put myself on a schedule of walking 2.2 to 2.5 miles a day at a fast rate.  I try to maintain a speed of 3.5 to 4 miles per hour to keep the heart rate up.  In the warm months I walk early in the morning when it's still cool. 



    Swimming is another activity we've enjoyed for years.  In my 30's and 40's I would swim off the anchored boat for hours in Crystal Bay or in the canals around Metro Beach. 

    When I got in my mid 50's however, I started getting leg cramps.  That put an end to swimming from the boat.  Now I swim in the pool only. 


    All living beings have a natural right to protect themselves from preditors. 

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees 'the people' of the United States the right of self protection with firearms in the Second Amendment. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the right of self protection, are assisting the preditors to prey on the innocent. 

    Criminal law breakers do not obey laws, that is why they are criminals.  Criminals will not obey any gun control law.  Therefore gun control laws only protect the criminals from their victims. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the natural right of self protection are violating our Constitution and are only assisting the preditors, thus they could be called criminals themselves. 

    Preditors and criminal despots always disarm their victims before the kill. 

Fear the Government that fears your guns