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Sport Shooting

    Sport shooting in my latest activity.  My interest was aroused in February 2008 when there was a house fire down the block.  Two bodies were found in the rubble, both were stabbed, one shot. 

    The police investigated afterword, but couldn't prevent it from happening.  Their work is after the crime.  The Police are law enforcement officers, they are not legally responsible for your safety. 

    YOU are responsible for your own and your family's safety.  One must remove oneself from being a target of opportunity for the bad guys.  I decided to do whatever it takes to protect myself and my family. 

    Fortunately for us we still have the 2nd Amendment with the right and duty to protect ourselves. 

    I purchased firearms, took training classes, bought training DVDs, saved YouTube training videos, joined the NRA and a local gun club.  I worked on improving my skills at the range every week or two and qualified for a Concealed Pistol License. 

    With the mess the country is in today, it is every adult citizen's duty to prepare and protect ones family from the bad people all around us. 


    All living beings have a natural right to protect themselves from preditors. 

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees 'the people' of the United States the right of self protection with firearms in the Second Amendment. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the right of self protection, are assisting the preditors to prey on the innocent. 

    Criminal law breakers do not obey laws, that is why they are criminals.  Criminals will not obey any gun control law.  Therefore gun control laws only protect the criminals from their victims. 

    Those that seek to limit or remove the natural right of self protection are violating our Constitution and are only assisting the preditors, thus they could be called criminals themselves. 

    Preditors and criminal despots always disarm their victims before the kill. 

Fear the Government that fears your guns